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At present, LEJIAN Studio is using WeChat official accounts to present the frontier ideas, methodology and best practice cases in both global and local social innovation field, through constructing topics such as Tech for Good and Creating Shared Value. Meanwhile, it links up a cross-sector, cross-field and cross-background diverse community (scholars, practitioners, media professionals, investors, etc.) which pays attention to various social issues and guides the development of social innovation. A knowledge platform for co-creation, sharing and discussion. Welcome to scan our WeChat official account’s QR code to follow and read articles, or to scan the personal QR code to add ‘FUWA’ as your friend and join our community.
Feature Articles
Weiwen Duan
Director and Researcher, Philosophy of Science Research Group; Director of Technology and Society Research Center; Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China
Xijin Jia
Associate Professor, School of Public Policy & Management, Tsinghua University; Associate Dean, Institute for Philanthropy, Tsinghua University
Kai Guan
Dean, School of Ethnology and Sociology, Yunnan Universit;, Academic Editor-in-Chief, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Chinese Edition
Huang Hong
Well-known entrepreneur, publisher and columnist
Ream More
Top 5 Most Read Articles

SSIR stands for ‘Stanford Social Innovation Review’; its English version is published by the PACS Center of Stanford University, and the Chinese version was introduced to China by the Beijing Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation from 2017.

SSIR won the Maggie Awards for Best Quarterly (2010-2014) and it is the top journal in the field of social innovation.

It brings together cutting-edge research, practice and experience in social innovation from all over the world, as well as new insights from experts and scholars on social innovation, guiding and motivating millions of social change leaders from different sectors (non-profit organizations, enterprises and governments).

We hope to bring cutting-edge ideas in the field of social innovation into China and establish a new system of social innovation theories to support the development of the social innovation market in China.

If you are caring, open-minded and firmly believe in the community's co-creation power to solve social problems, then SSIR is a must-read for you to see the power of faith and action.